Tuesday, 27 July 2010


There was a time, in a previous incarnation of this space, when I would go to the trouble of writing a full review of each film I saw at the cinema. In order to rate the experience as a whole, I would rate the venue as well as the film - right down to the quality of the drinks and snacks and the well-behavedness of the audience. I would even rate the company, assuming I hadn't seen the film alone.

That time has passed. Inception: 7/10. See it, if you're good at suspending disbelief and skirting around gaping plot holes. Some people will tell you it's complicated. Not true - I think you'd have to be pretty stupid not to follow what's going on. I hope I haven't just insulted someone.

I did slightly prefer Shutter Island, if we're on the subject of Di Caprio. Which we aren't. Now that we are though, he's not ageing so well. Considering I've never taken much interest in (now not so) young Leo's career, it suddenly strikes me that I've seen a remarkably high proportion of his films, and enjoyed most of them. The guy's got an eye for a script, I guess.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010


Very many days spent
Quietly, vaguely, slightly searching
For improvement in circumstance.
Priorities identified
Resources allocated
Schemes poorly conceieved
Haphazardly undertaken
And soon forgotten.
A fleeting victory here
A calamitous downfall there.
Peaks and precipices
Troughs and triumphs
Milestones and millstones.