Friday, 14 August 2009


Glory be! The Weekend approaches. It's been one of my more procrastinatory weeks, which is probably understandable given the time off I've had in the last month or so. As I settle back into a routine of work I'm sure I'll become gradually more productive. I'll pretend for a moment that someone is interested in what I do for a living: basically I work in the public sector, and sit in an office. There's obviously a little more to it than that, but talking about it in detail depresses me because it reminds me that I have yet to sign for a Premiership football club or win an Academy Award. Frankly my third ambition of becoming the first man on Mars is looking more unlikely by the day. Where was I? Ah yes, I have quite a lot to do at work just now, but progress has been frustratingly slow, and largely it's my own fault. The perfect antitode is of course a Saturday, followed by a Sunday, known around these parts as a weekend.

And what of it? The weekend, that is. Well, there will be competitive sports x 2 (one knee-harming, one non knee-harming), pub, family, another pub, takeaway food, chinchillas (we have three!), and the opening weekend of the Premiership football season. An attractive package, no?

Despite a background horror at the realisation that summer fun has come and gone, I'm holding up. Thanks for the imaginary comments, by the way. I'm really enjoying thinking about reading what someone reading this blog might actually think of me.


[Jansi] Anastasia said...

Hi, Ben. I am around :-) x

Anonymous said...

Ah the return of the footy season, my favourite time of the year. Despite all that's wrong with the game, during the summer months I wonder around like a lost boy; an addict getting a quick fix from the dribble of pre-season games. Now we got the good stuff back!

Ben said...

I've actually become far more selective about what I watch in the way of football these days. It started with international friendlies, but quickly extended to international qualifying matches, non-premiership football, most foreign football and teams I consider unworthy of my time. Basically I have to be emotionally involved, and there aren't many teams that I feel that strongly about.

Stephen Chapman... said...

Football for me is a painful experience. I support Crystal Palace.

I can hear you pity.

At least England are winning.

Ben said...

Hi Stephen. I've just had a quick look around your blog. Nice work.

Crystal Palace's manager and chairman provide far more entertainment than the team, I should imagine. Were you at Selhurst Park for Cantona's 'moment'?