Tuesday, 20 December 2011


I'm not in the habit of directing people to other web pages, but please visit the below if you have the time. It's a favourite of mine.



Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Ben:
We have just returned to your post from the 'out of body' experience of online food shopping, made even more alien as it was the Morrison's site.

First, may we be so bold as to enquire what you were doing there in the first instance? We had rather thought that your preferred reading might well be something a little more erudite, but then who are we to make judgements of this kind?!!

Perhaps the answer to our question is quite simple. You were drawn to something which is described as 'very substantial, thick and chunky'. However, we should warn that a close scrutiny reveals the presence of di-acetyltartaric esters / fatty acids as well as disodium diphosphate. Could this be too much of a mouthful?!!!!

We shall in future think of Morrison's in an entirely different light.

Anyhoo said...

What is this? I don't even

Where's the snark? Or amusingly clueless attempt at astroturfing? I'm faintly disturbed to find there's actually something on the internet seemingly without irony or sarcasm. That's like using 2 in binary.

And why exactly should we trust the judgement of someone who thought that it was a good idea to write this? But then I read it thinking "but it's Morrisson's" throughout, so maybe I wasn't out to be swayed.

Ben said...

Firstly, could I just draw everyone's attention once again to the fact that Morrisons decline to apostrophise their name? Who are we to correct them (Hattatts - don't answer that)?

Ben said...

Jane and Lance:
Am I alone in idly googling random phrases such as 'chunky plaice'? It appears so!

For information, here's a link to my actual, current reading:


But in truth I'm not much of a reader these days, though I do continue to buy plenty of shelf-adorning publications, to enjoy in later years.

For the record, I have sampled Morrisons chunky plaice, and it really is quite good, as supermarket fish goes.

Ben said...

I do think there's irony there, but without even the tiniest indicator it's hard to be absolutely sure, which is why I think it's such a brilliant piece of writing. From the moment I read the opening sentence, ("Morrisons Chunky Plaice fillets are to be found in the chilled fish section of the supermarket") I knew I had stumbled across something remarkable.

And yet if you read some of his other product reviews they are distinctly unremarkable, so maybe I'm giving credit where it isn't due.

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Ben [again]:
If we had anybody to whom we could give a Christmas list, having for some years now been completely ignored by Father Christmas [for what reason we know not], then we should, having followed your link, most likely include Russell Shorto's book which does appear to be a most fascinating account, or so the readers' reviews suggest, of the origins of New York.

We love your phrase 'shelf-adorning publications'. May we coin it to use in a future blog, with acknowledgements, of course?!!

You are right, who are we to correct the grammar and punctuation of Morrisons? Possibly, if we all play our cards right, then we could end up writing product reviews which could be, possibly, quite lucrative.

Please forgive our wasting more of your time and taking up valuable blog space. Thank you so much, Ben, for your Christmas wishes. We hope very much the same for you and, maybe, next year Budapest?

Ben said...

Jane and Lance:
I'm enjoying the book, and would certainly recommend it. Mind you, I have a bit of a thing for NYC; also adorning my shelves are tomes such as this:


and this:


Neither of which I have read, though the pictures are delightful.

Please feel free to plunder anything at all from here - and I'm so flattered that you should want to that acknowledgement will not be necessary.

Finally, I always have time to 'waste' on you two.

Cheerio for now,


[Jansi] Anastasia said...

Darn. No Morrisons in this town!