Wednesday, 24 September 2008


Life in general isn't very interesting, and my own life certainly isn't one of the few exceptions. I exist quite happily from day to day, scoring minor successes and enjoying achievements which, in the wider scheme of things, really aren't too important. As a blogger I am demonstrably uninspired, have little to say, and pretty much a failure. I don't like talking or writing about myself very much. A little humility goes a long way, and I'm as humile as they come.

I told a woman to fuck off the other day. She deserved it (the inconsiderate bitch), but I was disappointed in myself for departing from my usual serene aloofness. Next thing you know I'll be hitting people. Or setting fire to their property. Or poisoning their pets. My favourite threat, though admittedly not one that I have so far had occasion to use, is: "I know where your children go to school". Sets all the right alarms ringing I reckon.

Calories today: 1000 (correct to 4pm). No this isn't a weight loss / fitness blog, but there's no harm in trying to appeal to a wider (get it?) audience.

Tip of the day: Don't start a 'tip of the day' section on your blog.


[Jansi] Anastasia said...

How very moderately rampant of you :-)

Hesperus said...

Does that mean you won't be updating anymore?

Ben said...

Blimey - comments! Have you people nothing better to do?!

I will write a Christmas special blog post haste, or, failing that, pretty darn quickly.

Smiley wishes.

[Jansi] Anastasia said...

Nothing better? Of course not. I, for one, go to University. Should be quite obvious :-)