Tuesday, 23 June 2009


Summer has really grown on me in recent years. Like most people, I have fond recollections of endless summers comprised of unfeasibly long school holidays, weeks spent by the seaside, trips to the park and the like. But early adulthood brought with it a loss of affection for summer. Aside from the occasionally memorable holiday, the months of June, July and August became a meandering wilderness of unnecessarily hot days, high pollen counts and absolutely bugger all to do. Sports I liked to watch, and play, were replaced by those I wasn't so keen on. I wandered aimlessly around at the weekends, achieving nothing. I can't even remember what I did in the evenings, so it can't have been anything significantly life-enhancing.

My new perspective on summer has, I suppose, been influenced by having someone special in my life. Long days and clement weather now bring with them opportunity. Opportunity to explore, both locally and afar. Opportunity to be active, try new things and learn new skills. Opportunity to have fun. Citirizine even allows me to do it without sneezing (most of the time). As for the paucity of winter sports - frankly, nowadays I need three months to recover from the exertions of last season anyway.

Whilst I still prefer winter, I have to admit that summer has a lot going for it. Rejoice in the differences, as someone once said.

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