Thursday, 30 July 2009


Tootling off to Cornwall for a wedding at the weekend. Not a fan of weddings on the whole - needless dressing up, boring ceremony, enforced talking with folks you've gone to great lengths to avoid over a number of years - you get the picture.

There will be fun elements to the trip though. There are those I will be pleased to see, those I have heard about but have yet to meet, and the chance to meander back slowly on Monday and take in some scenery. Who knows, perhaps the sun will shine? I'm not holding out much hope of that last one.

If nothing else, after a busy week at work (whatever next?), the distraction and alternative surroundings will be welcome. Just not the bloody wedding.

For the first time ever, I am approaching the status of regular gym goer. Not that I ever suffered from a lack of regular exercise. I just never used to get that exercise in a gym. I had always supposed that I would get horribly bored, but this doesn't seem to be happening so far. It's proved useful as a way to get some low-impact cardio-vascular exercise without aggravating my knee, which actual running and even swimming seem to do. Keyhole surgery is looking likely now. The sooner the better. The 5% loss of performance in the explosive and power elements of my chosen sport (football) which results from the various wear and tear issues within the joint is becoming more noticeable almost by the month. It's frustrating to know that I would be able to accelerate more quickly and kick harder, not to mention play more frequently, were it not for some minor damage and debris which can reasonably easily be remedied.

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