Monday, 17 May 2010


Once I have dragged myself around a football pitch for 90 more minutes tomorrow evening (there is a possibility of extra time), the season will be over. It has been increasingly frustrating because, one unco-operative knee aside, I'm actually in comparatively good shape.

Even though it's a Cup Final, it's completely meaningless by any reasonable definition: my team does not play at a very high standard, there will be 100 spectators at most, the local paper may carry a couple of paragraphs report on the match if anyone can be bothered to file one. And yet I very badly need us to win. I hope that makes sense to someone out there.

We're not favourites ahead of the game, but I have a positive feeling. I am taking the day off work to prepare. I hope it doesn't rain.


Anonymous said...

Good luck! Hope you twat 'em 6-0 and get your photo in the paper (even better if your face is doing one of those weird screwed up mid-action expressions lol)

Ben said...

Thanks. Mini match report to come. Short version is we lost, but valiantly and undeservedly.