Friday, 21 May 2010


Well we lost, but only just. One-nil down at half time, we dominated the second half but by the end of ninety minutes only had one goal to show for a series of very good opportunities to score. There was a larger crowd than I had expected.

Reduced to ten men by a sending off in extra time, we conceded the decisive goal about ten minutes from the end. It was very clearly offside, and I was pretty glum about the whole business. My mini-world-cup-shaped losers' trophy resides in my parents' house, never to be looked at again.

My head still hurts from a foul on me in the second half. I'm not sure whether it was forearm, elbow or shoulder - something hard. I have a mild headache and occasional nausia, and some involuntary muscle twitching on the left side of my body; eyelid, bicep, thigh. Perhaps I'll die. Maybe I'm just tired.

I repeat - football is BLOODY FANTASTIC. Can't wait for next season.


Jack said...

Football's the shit!LOL 22 idiots running after a ball....... i am sure you can find better things to do with yourself, Ben! :))))) If thats your real name

Ben said...

Hello Jack. I appreciate that it's not for everyone, but you're going to have to trust me on this; football is a majestic pursuit. It's difficult to explain the nuances of how bodily exertion, spacial awareness, split-second decision making and physical confrontation combine to create a totally absorbing experience. They just do I guess.