Wednesday, 26 May 2010


I did a terrible thing the other day. Entirely unintentionally you understand.

At work there's a woman I sometimes pass in the corridor - large build, short hair, nothing particularly remarkable in terms of appearance, and just one of hundreds of people who work in my building and who I recognise but don't know well enough to say hello to.

The other day I wandered into what I thought was the gents' toilet, and there she was. She glanced in my direction, and I did a very obvious double take, before retreating to the door, checking the sign on it, and realising that I was in fact.... in the gents' toilet.

Long story short: the 'woman' is a man. I'm not sure if he has always been a man, but since the incident he's grown some pretty obvious facial hair, just to emphasise the point. I only wish he'd provided this visual clue a little earlier, because it would have saved me some considerable embarrassment. I hope he didn't notice my mistake, but I don't see how he could have missed it.

Passing him in the corridor is going to be very awkward from now on.

A French Open related aside: am I alone in finding Justine Henin somewhat attractive? She is quite boyish I suppose. Gender identity is such a minefield.

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